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Little things too often go unnoticed which is usually assumed a shame, but I feel so lucky to be the only person right now who’s breath is taken away by how perfect you look dressed in black with your hair half up and your eyes shining like stars from the light on your dresser, because oh my god you look so beautiful.

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I’m helping my mom choose outfits for a conference and she’s yelling at me because I keep trying to take selfies with her when she’s not looking.

Hey you’re pretty cute.
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#wcw is this sexy thang.
Anonymous: what's the age gap between you and hayley?

Only 3 years except for the two months between her birthday and mine, those two months we’re 4 years apart.

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@megannicolepellow & I had a great time in our Google Hangout with the amazing & hilarious @kkatyb & @eilis435! So happy we finally got to talk real-time! Stay tuned for some collabs in the near future!! #youtubers #lesbianyoutubers
Anonymous: Do you and Hayley struggle sometimes with your age difference?

Honestly, hardly at all. It’s never really been a factor of anything for us and we feel really lucky about that.

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